10+ Pictures That Prove Cats Are The Worst Alarm Clocks

Having a cat in your home can be a great thing, however, it also has its challenges. Cats can truly be bizarre creatures who have no care for your schedule at all. Every day has an ideal life and will do anything possible to make it happen, even if that happens to mean waking us up in the middle of the night.

Waking up when have a cat is a process. Some of them will simply just sit beside you and poke your face, while others will just sit right on your head. Each and every cat is different, but each of them is a goofball.

The cat owners depicted below know exactly what it’s like to wake up when there is a cat in the house.

#1 You can literally feel their presence watching over you.

#2 If not their presence, then their adorable taps.

#3 Some will actually flop their whole body down.

#4 Some make their very own little nest.

#5 They are actually kind of creepy.

#6 Especially when their eyes begin glowing.

#7 All they really want is to love you.

#8 In their weird and odd little ways.

#9 But also, they also probably want their breakfast.

#10 Right now, if you can, please.