30 Cat Reactions To Very First Times

First times can be some of the most memorable moments of our lives. The very first time we learned to swim, ride a bike, etc. These things tend to stay with us. For our cats, first times have never been so adorable.

#1 Kittens meeting their new living play toy

#2 This Cat Discovers Snow For The First Time

#3 We Forgot To Tell Our Cat That We Had A Baby

#4 Guy Bought And Using A Vacuum The First Time

#5 Kiwi’s First Time Outside

#6 My Wife’s Cat, Seeing A Christmas Tree For The First Time

#7 Two Week Old Foster Kitten Meeting The Sun For The First Time

#8 Jonesy’s First Snow

#9 My Cats’ Reaction To Seeing The Ceiling Fan Move For The First Time

#10 Put My Inside Cat Outside And Walked Out To This 5 Minutes Later

#11 My Roommate’s Cat Seeing Snow Out The Window For The First Time

#12 Getting Our Appartment Raised Cat Used To The Outside World… So Scary!

#13 Our 4 Week Old Kitten’s First Time In The Grass

#14 First Time She Went Outside. The Grass Is Lava

#15 My Boy Always Tries To Jump In The Fridge When I Open It. This Is The First Time He Made It In

#16 His First Time With Solid Food. His Name Is Gremlin

#17 Cat Meets Baby For The First Time

#18 Flour Experienced Snow For The First Time Today. She Is Not Impressed

#19 My Aunt Took Her Indoor Cat Outside For The First Time

#20 First Time My Cat Has Seen A Watermelon

#21 Let My Kitten Outside For The First Time

#22 The Carpet Experience For The First Time In Kitty’s Life

#23 Oskar The Blind Kitten Playing With Toys For The First Time

#24 My Cat Gave Birth To One Kitten. This Is Mama Kitty Letting Her Kitten Go Out On Her Own For The First Time. Well, Almost On Her Own

#25 First Time Meeting The Outside World

#26 My Cats Reaction To Being Outside For The First Time

#27 First Time At The Vet

#28 My Friend’s Cat’s First Experience With Snow. Pure Terror

#29 Lula Ventured Out Into The Garden For The First Time Today. I Think She Was A Little Shocked How Big Outside Is

#30 Brother And Sister Seeing Birds For The First Time

Via: boredpanda.com