30 Soldiers And Cats Who Became Best Friends Overseas

“Tour pets” are not extremely uncommon in times of war. From my own experience serving in Afghanistan, many platoons and sections adopted local dogs or cats to have as mascots, or for the moral support that they provided. In our case, we took in a puppy named “gougoune,” which is a colloquial term in Quebec for “flip-flop” sandals. Every night, one of us would take turns caring for her.

This actual list of soldiers and cats who became friends overseas is an extremely touching reminder of humanity, demonstrating that even during times of war, there are moments of beauty and kindness.

We think this gallery is not only going to make you smile, but inspire you!

#1 Soldier With A Kitten

#2 Soldier And A Cat

#3 My Shy Friend In Afghanistan

#4 Stray Kitten Sleeping On My Buddy, Afghanistan 2009

#5 Soldier With A Kitten

#6 He Just Crawled Up There And Curled Up

#7 A French Soldier Feeding His Kitten, Indochina 1956

#8 Private Awesome Is Feeding A Kitten

#9 A Kitten Is Nestled In The Trouser Pocket Of A U.S Soldier

#10 Afghan Kitten

#11 Little Cuties

#12 Soldier With A Kitten

#13 Making Friends With The Locals In Afghanistan

#14 My Nephew Is Serving In Afghanistan

#15 Every Cat Loves A Man In Uniform

#16 A British Soldier “Shakes Hands” With A Kitten On A Snowy Bank

#17 Soldier With A Cat

#18 Soldier Sleeping With A Kitten

#19 A Ukrainian Soldier Holds A Cat As He Receives Warm Clothes

#20 Palestinian Soldier Stroking A Kitten

#21 Kitten And His Cuddle Buddy

#22 The Cat And The Soldier

#23 Soldier With A Cat

#24 Met This Cutie Outside The Barracks Today

#25 Soldiers Playing With Kittens

#26 Soldier Playing With A Kitten

#27 Deployed To The Middle East, We Got A “Working Cat” To Catch Mice

#28 French Soldier In Kosovo

#29 Big, Tough Soldier With His Kitty

#30 Kitten Helping The Soldier

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