Absolute Luckiest Cats in the World Enjoy Gourmet Sushi Expertly Prepared by Their Chef Human!

Ever say to yourself, “How I wish I was a cat!”? Well, after watching this particular video, you’ll certainly be mewing that tune more than ever.

Youtube chef Jun Yoshizuki of Jun’s Kitchen recently uploaded a new how-to video on Monday called “Sushi for Cats.” The cute and informative clip went viral, with over 1 million views as of this posting.

Yoshizuki is a Japanese chef whose online instructional meals very often feature his own cats as furry onlookers, but he also sometimes makes special meals for them around their birthdays.

In the video just below, UPI.com reported that Yoshizuki dices up sea bream, sashimi tuna, edamame and Japanese mustard spinach to create sashimi and uses chicken as opposed to rice as the base to cater to his cats’ tastes.

“I used chicken instead of rice so this is technically not sushi but they liked chicken better so I guess it worked out,” claims Yoshizuki.

Judging from these pussycats’ extremely eager paws, Yoshizuki’s foodie pets have quite the sophisticated palates. Oishi!