This Adorable But Impatient Kitten Distracts His Human From Doing His Work

This is Benny the kitten. It seems Benny has caused quite a stir on Instagram all thanks to his impatient attitude toward his owner Kyeong Hyun’s doing homework.

All Benny really wanted was to be petted!

However, Kyeong, his human, tried to keep writing!

Eventually, though, he gives in and lets Benny help with his homework.

Since this video was first posted, it has gone viral.

Kyeong Hyun’s mother, who owns the Instagram account @park_kkone, explained to BuzzFeed News that Benny is two months old and the seventh cat that the family owns.

“Benny added happiness to our family,” she stated.

However, when asked about whether her son managed to finish his homework, she was less enthusiastic.

“He got engrossed playing with Benny, and in the end he couldn’t finish his studies.”