Is Your Cat Always Like The One in The Photo? Here’s What it Really Means

Some Odd Cat Behaviors – Explained!

Cats are well-loved for all of their adorable, cuddly, furry features. How can you not fall in love with a huge ball of fluff who (occasionally) just wants to lie in bed with you? However, what really makes cats so popular both on the Internet and in real life is their incredibly weird behavior, more so than their cuteness. Why in the world do cats do some of the things they do? It’d be easy to respond with a curt “no one knows,” and that’d certainly add to their mystery, but lo and behold — there are certainly answers out there! And so, let’s explore some of the baffling things cats tend to do.

1. Sitting on all your belongings

Cats are constantly picking the worst spots to take a nap — like your keyboard or your TV remote — and it happens with such alarming frequency you’d think they do it on purpose. As it all turns out, they do. Odd But True’s video (below) clearly reveals that your felines can identify the household objects you give the most attention to. And while your computer screen is technically at the top of that list, the fact that you’re touching the keyboard nonstop might just lead to a little extra jealousy, which is why kitties take over those a lot. Your cat just wants your attention!

2. Peeing absolutely everywhere

Cats have the horrible tendency to pee — or heaven forbid, spray — on things, especially brand new objects that haven’t been around for long. While you might be tempted to think the cat is marking its territory, like many other animals, the nasty kitty is actually doing it to relieve their anxiety: New objects that don’t carry the kitty’s scent at all can make it feel uneasy, Purina says that spreading its smell on these new things will ease their nerves. Interestingly, scratching your furniture up is also a way to do that — the scent glands within cats’ paws will help “take over” objects as well.

3. Rubbing theirs butts in your face

Among some of the weird things cats do, this may just be the worst offender. Why in the world would a cat choose to wake you up in the morning with the scent of its pooper? Simply put, this is a way of getting to know you, Odd But True says. And that’s because cats do this to each other, your cat expects you to be interested in the process as well.

4. Kneading on you like dough

It’s pleasant, of course, but why do cats do it? Odd But True suggests cats will tend to gently paw at you because it’s something they remember doing as a kitten. Kneading the mother’s breast provides more milk while feeding. There’s really not much of a point in your cats doing that as adults — but they do it anyway.

5. Spreading their legs completely for you

To all readers who have your minds in the gutter, no, this is not a proposition. Odd But True explains that cats tend to spread their legs out in front of you as a sign of trust, rather than irreverence or sexual heat. Because this is truly the most vulnerable position it could find itself in, for your pet to show you that part of its body so openly simply means it respects and trusts you. So you shouldn’t betray that trust by taking pictures and posting them online! Or do. It is pretty funny.

6. Head-butting on you

Head-butts never hurt when they’re coming from your beloved cats. They may, however, seem a little confusing. Just why are they doing that? It turns out that the proper term for cat-butting is “bunting,” and it’s a sign of true affection, Pam Johnson-Bennett explains. Cats literally have scent glands all over them, and the point of softly hitting you with their heads is for those scents to be transferred onto you, which is a sign of their affection for you. They may also be marking you are “theirs”.

The video just below gives various explanations as to other strange things kitties do. Hopefully will answers some of your burning questions. Be sure to share this information if you found it enlightening!