What Does a Cat’s Behavior of Sleeping Next to You Reveal?

Happiness for many humans may be a warm puppy, but others will swear that true joy comes from a sleeping cat.

There’s always controversy about people and pets sleeping in the same bed, but it’s it’s not exactly easy to keep a cat out of your bed — except by his own choice.

LOVE – The simplest explanation is that your kitty truly loves you. Many cats undoubtedly reciprocate the affection their human partners feel for them, and one of the ways they try to prove it is by cuddling.

PHYSICAL COMFORT – Cats simply love soft, warm places. You are warm and your bed is too, therefore, he likes to sleep close to or even on you.

TOGETHERNESS – Not all, but most cats enjoy sleeping together. It may be that they remember being kittens, piled in a warm, fuzzy bunch right next to their mother’s bountiful belly. They share warmth and affection with each other, and in the absence of other cats — or even in preference to them — you more than likely make a good substitute for a bundling buddy.

MENTAL COMFORT – If your cat is perhaps a bit nervous or anxious about something at all, sleeping next to you can make him feel safe. Incidentally, this also works the other way around. There is no lullaby in the world quite like the purring of a cat — the ultimate in white noise.

OWNERSHIP – Your bed belongs to your cat and he generously allows you to share it. After all, you’ve never thrown him out to establish your rights. He’s marked both you and your bed with his scent. It is indeed your own kitty who decides when he sleeps and when you do, and he also decides when you wake up to feed him. In his mind, that certainly makes him top cat. Need always remember – dogs have masters, but cats have staff!

H/T: pets.thenest.com