Funny Cat Talking While Taking A Bath. Must Watch. AMAZING

We know what happens when you say the words : water and bath in front of cats. Their mood immediately changed. In that moment something happens and the cat freaks out instantly.

Well it is well-known fact the felines really hates water and bathing. Yes, we know that they are self-cleaning animals, but sometimes the bath is more than needed. If you have a domestic cat and you keep it inside the home you know the struggle when they return home.

They are domestic animals, but you can`t keep them locked inside four walls. You have to let them play and run outside, at least in your backyard. Running and hunting mice is their natural instinct, so you let them run free outside ( in the garden).

But, when they came back in the home they are all dirty. So , there is only one way to keep them clean. Yes they clean themselves, but when they are full of dirt, the bath is more than needed. We know how hard is to bathe them, but when something is required , there is no escape.

We love our cats and we know that they hates bathing but, that is for their health, and to prevent the mess in the entire home. And when that scary bath time comes, you know the struggle. They tried everything to avoid that scary time.

This video will show you a cat that even talk while they are bathing her. I never seen a cat talking like that. So amazing. She is not trying to escape , but the talking is incredible.

At the 1:24 it sounds like the kitty is saying “help me” ! But, then at 3:54 she begins saying “I’m good”! Haha so funny and cute in the same time. You can noticed that after the bath the kitty is satisfied.

Watch the talking cat while bathing VIDEO: