Girlfriend Tried Setting The Mood For A Romantic Night – What Her Cat Did Will Leave You In Stitches!

Cats simply have the innate ability to be where they are not supposed to be.

And so, look no further to the example below, where a girlfriend’s romantic night was thwarted by a curious kitty.

“Girlfriend tried to surprise me, kitty decided it was actually for her,” reddit user Pax_per_scientiam posted.

Naturally, Joey the cat thinks its all for her.

“I’m your girlfriend now.”

Naturally, the mood changed quickly from romantic to hilarious.

“Joey is just the kind of cat who likes to be right where you maybe don’t want her.”

As cat lovers can attest to that!

The romantic partner, however, did have doubts who the surprise really was for…

“Love for cats vs love for me can be questionable at times from my GF…”

So typical!