Homeless Kitty Brings Her Kitten To This Woman, But When She Takes a Closer Look, She Realizes The Truth…

When Jamie spotted an adorable homeless cat roaming around her neighborhood, she simply knew she had to do something to help. And so, she decided to leave some food out for the kitty, then noticed that the cat had returned the next day for food again.

It wasn’t long before these free and generous meals became an everyday thing and the two formed a wonderful bond of trust. One day, however, Jamie’s new furry friend brought someone along to her that proved just how much she trusted her!

A stray ginger cat arrived at Jamie’s yard also looking for something to eat. After Jamie fed her, it wasn’t too long before she saw her every day, and the two became best friends!

The stray had brought a little, ginger kitten along with her and it seemed she wanted Jamie to have him, apparently. Once Jamie looked closely, she suddenly discovered why.

The kitten, who Jamie ended up naming Milo, had an injured leg, and his mom knew that she’d found someone who could help.

A trip to the vet ended up revealing that her newly adopted Milo was suffering from a terribly broken fibula and tibia, and he would need a cast for at least three weeks.

However, Milo was quite the little trooper and it was clear he trusted Jamie completely to help him because his mom did, too.

Today, Milo is completely inseparable from his new owners.

Mama cat still stops by to check in once in awhile but she prefers to do her own thing outdoors.

“I think she’s just so used to being outside,” says noted..

“Milo was the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time,” stated Jamie.

Milo’s mom just knew her baby desperately needed help and of course, she knew just where he would be able to find it.

Mothers truly are the best, aren’t they?

H/T: honesttopaws.com