Honestly These 17 Cats Just Don’t Seem Like They Give A Damn

#1 This cat who, quite frankly, doesn’t give a damn if you’re sleeping.

#2 This cat who doesn’t care if the baby doesn’t have a bed.

#3 This cat who simply does not care if you’re using the bathroom.

#4 This cat who doesn’t give a damn if you’re “doing important work.”

#5 This cat who just straight up doesn’t care that you need to pack your lunch.

#6 This cat who knows he’s not supposed to go into the bushes, but does anyway.

#7 This cat who wants his dinner to be all of the time.

#8 This cat who is simply not amused.

#9 This cat who eats all the catnip it wants and whenever it wants.

#10 This cat who is just not scared of any damn watermelon.

#11 This cat who absolutely refuses to be imprisoned.

#12 This cat who is just too busy and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

#13 This cat who knows the end is coming, but is too lazy to move.

#14 These cats who truly don’t care about labels.

#15 This cat who demands to be comfortable AND nosy at the same time.

#16 This cat who wants nothing more than to relax and be chill.

#17 And this cat who just straight up does not give hot damn!

via: buzzfeed.com