Lost Newborn Kitten Completely Shocks His Rescuers When He Does This

After a terrible rainstorm in Auckland, New Zealand one night, a woman noticed a tiny soaking wet kitten blindly crawling all alone down a sidewalk.

Having determined that the kitten didn’t belong to any of her neighbors, the woman decided to take him home.

The one-day-old kitten, who she soon named Bruce, was so small and fragile, his eyes were still closed.

Through some needed warmth and tender love, Bruce quickly bonded with his owners and grew stronger.

He eventually opened his eyes and they were a striking blue!

However, what surprised his new owner more than anything else were the changes Bruce’s fur was going through. The kitten, who was a light gray color to begin with, began to grow much darker fur on his face, paws, and on the points of his ears.

As he continued to grow, his blue eyes actually changed to a yellow-green and the darker fur continued to spread until this once gray kitten had become … completely black.

What caused Bruce to change color the way he did?

According to many vets, the fuzzy gray fur he was born with is called ‘fever coat.’ Fever Coat is a rare condition which occurs when a pregnant cat falls sick due to an infection, or if the cat gets stressed out during pregnancy.

Fever coat may also occur when cats are put on medication by their owners without knowing that their fur-babies are actually pregnant.
This condition is known to cause fur to grow which appears a bit lighter at birth but gradually darkens in the first months of a kitten’s life.

Fever Coat normally appears in kittens because the pigments have not been properly deposited within the fur. This causes some parts of the fur to appear as silver-grey, cream or even reddish as a result. It remains present for up to 6-8 months in newborn kittens, however, eventually fades away.

Bruce’s coat was totally and completely black by the time he was about four months old.

Now fully grown and happy with his loving new family, Bruce has his own social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube accounts and he currently uses his notoriety to raise funds for the SPCA and the Animal Rescue Network.

Via: lifewithcats.com | Other sources:  Shared.com