A Pizza Delivery Guy Was ‘Tipped’ a Kitten 17 Years Ago And Today …

A pizza delivery guy was out delivering pizzas more than ten years ago when a customer of his just didn’t have enough for a tip and so, they gave him a kitten.

“17 years ago I was given a kitten as a tip for a pizza delivery. Here’s Mr. Tips today.”

“I was in college delivering a pizza to a house on a farm,” Hyemp explained on reddit. “ Some 20 something answered the door and said he only had exact change and he was sorry for no tip.”

“Then he proceeded to hand me a kitten as he said, “but you can have a kitten as a tip!” and I said, “alright maaaan. cool” and here we are 17 years later.”

On the very same day he decided to accept the kitten, the man stopped and bought some kitty supplies, and then continued to deliver pizzas with his newfound furry friend! And the same kitty has been his best friend for 17 years.

Luckily, this pizza guy was a good guy because there are a lot of mean people out there and Mr. Tips has been living happy and healthy for 17 years!

These two were clearly meant to be in each other’s lives!

Photo credits: reddit/Hyemp │ H/t: www.iizcat.com