Rescued Poor Kitten Feels Love For The First Time. Incredible Video!

This poor buddy was found by this kind man. This is one of the four kitten he found in the rubbish dump. People in Philippines just collect them when they are born around the house and left them somewhere. Also the other kittens he rescued was found on the roadside.

We don’t know how can someone left newborn kitties just like that. I mean if you can’t care for them, ask your friends, or at least give them to shelters, they will put them on adoption. And until they are adopted they will have a safe place to live and food every day.

Little kittens couldn’t survive on the streets alone, without mommy. Someone must care for them until they are grown up enough to care for themselves. They won’t find food without help. So, their chances for surviving outside alone are very small.

This rescued kitten feels love and attention for the first time. He got food and water. He wasn’t starving anymore. What a cute poor kitten. He probably suffered a lot lonely on the dangerous streets. Who knows how many days it was without food.

What an adorable kitty, she looks so unique, with her markings and those big ears. What a sweetheart. It is so wonderful of this kind man to help a poor little souls who cannot help themselves. Every life is precious.

It is very sad to see the terrible conditions these poor kitten have to survive through, and the suffering, too. Very grateful to read these incredible stories; and hear from the special people who rescue these poor creatures.

These kittens were adopted by the cleaner family of that school where he took the kittens. The kittens are now with another cat family with their same aged kitten. This story has really happy ending.