USA’s Fattest cat, Who Weighs 32 Pounds, Requires 2 Humans To Hold Her

Sprinkles is probably the USA’s fattest cat – tipping the scales at a gigantic 32 pounds. The domestic short hair cat has a normally tiny size and should weigh between 11 and 13 pounds. She is now on a long recovery process after being put on a strict diet and exercise regime by staff at SOS Sea Isle City Cats in New Jersey, USA.

She was found in a foreclosed house before she was taken to New Jersey animal shelter who sent her to SOS. This losing weight process is not easy. It has to be done slowly, if they want results. Only with dedicated everyday exercises and strict diet can be achieved.

And Sprinkles is one really amazing cat. She loves to play and cuddle with humans. She is very cute kitty. WE are hoping that she will lose more pounds and will reach her goal to 11-13 pounds.