Woman Adopts Senior Cat And Then Goes Back to Shelter for His Friend

A woman adopted a senior cat from the shelter but then decided to come back for his old friend with whom he had bonded very deeply with, who also needed a forever home.

Mojo 11 and Max 16 were sadly dropped off at Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control, which is located in Maryland.

Max (16) and Mojo (11)

They had been friends together for a long time but were separated in different cages when they arrived in the shelter.

“About a month ago, this lady adopted Mojo, an 11-year-old cat who came to the shelter with another cat, Max, who is 16,” the shelter noted on their Facebook page.

“Mojo has been a wonderful pet,” she said, but she couldn’t get Max out of her mind. “She idea of him living out his life in a cage just broke my heart,” she stated.

And so, the day after Christmas, she went back to the shelter to adopt Max also so that these old friends could be reunited.

We here at Happy Cats just love these happy endings – don’t you?

Photos by Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control, Inc. │ H/T: thebestcatpage.com