11 Cats with Big Eyes Serving You The Most Adorable Looks!

Like dogs, several cat breeds have larger than usual eyes. However, that doesn’t make them any different. This will only add to how adorable and eye-catching they look. But why do some cats have larger eyes than others? Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Typically, cats have small eyes during the day. But have you wondered what’s really the size of the eyes of your cats? Squinting is their adaptation to light. Conversely, when their eyes get bigger, it’s their way of adapting to low light. The back of their eyes reflects the light. This is so that any light that would pass through the retina gets a chance to interact with it. It’s not always like this, however. Their eyes have grown into increasing their senses for the betterment of their night vision, as well. Basically, their eyes are larger because of their adaptation to low light.

Cat Breeds With Big Eyes

#1. Devon Rex

cat with big eyes Devon Rex
Source: imhotep_tepka

The Devon Rex’s eyes stand out. You can see its large eyes even when you are far away. But aside from their eyes, their other physical features stand out The Devon Rex has a one of a kind “down hair”. Their fur lacks volume and shagginess compared to other cat breeds. But this is also what makes their soft and beautiful undercoat fleece. Their coat is also curly. Not all cat breeds have this kind of feature. So this alone makes the Devon Rex stand out from the rest. Their enormous eyes are green as their eye color. Breeds of this type are active, friendly, and playful. They are the perfect domestic cat as they enjoy hanging on peoples’ shoulders.

#2. Sphynx

Source: _sphynx_cats

The Sphynx is known to be one of the most elegant cat breeds. It only fits so. The Egyptian royalties are very fond of this cat breed. Now, we can understand why. First off, they are hairless. This is the reason why it’s the most famous hypoallergenic cats. People who want to have cats but are sensitive to their fur would opt to have a Sphynx in their home. This cat breed also eradicates the need to groom and be mindful of how much they are shedding. But the fact that they are almost “hairless” is just one of the things that make them stand out. This breed of cat with big eyes is very adorable. However, don’t get fooled with its cuteness as they are highly energetic, and they need utmost attention.

#3. Abyssinian

Source: abyssinian_kinglike

The Abyssinian cat breed is a fluffy cat. You might not notice how much big eyes they have because of their fur, but if you take a good look on them, you will realize how adorable their eyes are. This breed of cat with big eyes is also active and highly energetic. They yearn attention. At the same time, you can also leave them on their own. They are not as clingy as you think they are. These are what makes them great domestic cats. Abyssinian cats are not as talkative as other cat breeds. They don’t meow often, and they are a little bit of aloof. These cats have a long lifespan of fifteen years. These are perfect for you if you would need a less maintenance cat with very minimal grooming.

#4. Japanese Bobtail

Source: shironekomama

The Japanese Bobtail is one of a kind cat breeds. This specific cat breeds have huge eyes and have an unusual bobbed tail. What sets this cat apart from all other felines is that their tail resembles that of a rabbit. This means that their tails are shorter than that of the average felines. So, if you are looking for a unique type of kitty to have, then this one is the perfect match for you. These cats are very intelligent and active. At the same time, these cats are talkative. You can talk to them and expect a reply for as long as you can. This is what makes them extremely adorable, as well. Aside from the size of their eyes and their short tail, the shape of their eyes is also unique to their breed, as well.

#5. British Shorthair

Source: british_shorthair_bbum

The British Shorthair is a fluffy cat to have! If you’re looking forward to having this kind of cat breed, then you would have to know that their coats are dense and soft. This is what makes them fluffy. Although the British Shorthair would need extra attention and care when it comes to their shedding and grooming, there’s nothing more fulfilling than to take care of these type of cats. Aside from their huge eyes, they also have round-shaped eyes. Their eye color is copper or dark brown, which adds the fact of how they are incredibly adorable. The lifespan of the typical British Shorthair is ten to fifteen years. They are good with children, so this would be the perfect cat breed to have if you have kids in your household. This type of cat breed also goes well with other animals in the house. Make sure to read our flushable cat litter review

#6. Ragamuffin

Source: frunzikthecat

The Ragamuffin is not your typical pocket-sized cat. These are very large cat breeds with big eyes, as well. It seems that everything about this cat is huge. Their big eyes also say a lot about their feelings. By just looking at their huge eyes, you would exactly know how they are feeling. Aside from that, this cat breed is also gentle in nature. This, alone makes them perfect as a family companion. Ragamuffin is also good with children and other animals in your household, too. At the same time, they also have a very long timespan compared to any other felines out there. The Ragamuffin is the perfect cat breed to have, especially if you are looking for a sweet cat that would be a loyal companion.

#7. Singapura

Source: vikte12

Its big eyes aren’t the only outstanding physical features that the Singapura has. Once you look at them, you will not only be drawn to their adorable eyes as well as their size. Their ears are also a stand-out. These features make them unique as ever. With their upright ears and large eyes, they look as if like they are attentive and listening to you. The Singapura’s eyes are always wide open, but sometime, they may appear slant when it’s closed or partly closed. If you are looking for a pocket-sized cat, then this is the perfect cat breed for you! Singapura cats usually have a brown-ticked coat and blunt tail. Their name originated from the fact that they are imported from Singapore in the 1970s. Originally, it has been thought that Singapura cats are a mixed breed. However, upon thorough investigation, they are kept as a natural breed.

#8. California Spangled Cat

Source: lizzybuggx

The California Spangled Cat was bred to resemble spotted wild cats. They very much look like the ocelot and leopard with their look. Although they weren’t present until the 1980s, they are known to be one of the most popular cat breeds right now. Back then, since they were considered a rare breed, they are usually expensive. Only middle-class and high-class owners could afford to get one. However, the breed of the California Spangled Cat is more prevalent nowadays than it used to before. This cat breed topped the popularity of the Ocicat and the Bengal when it comes to the rare cats that have spots in them. Aside from their spots, what sets them apart is that they have big almond eyes that are set apart from each other. There are a lot of colors of the fur that you can choose from this cat breed. From gold, silver, red, bronze to blue, black, and brown, you absolutely have the cat of your dreams with the California Spangled cat.

#9. Elf Cat

Source: dwelf_elf_cattery

If you’re looking for a cat breed that looks like the Sphynx, the elf cat is probably the nearest to how it looks like. Only a few cat owners have the elf cat as it is considered as a new and extremely rare hybrid cat breed. It’s actually a cross between the Sphynx and the American Curl. But what sets this breed apart is that it inherited the hairless appearance of the Sphynx but has the curled ears of the American Curl. With its large eyes, however, these are more than enough to get the elf cat noticed. They also have a more athletic build. The cheek bones of the elf cat are very prominent, and one can easily spot its whisker pads. This cat breed is friendly, intelligent, social, outgoing, and affectionate. It’s not as clingy as other feline breeds as it could take care of his own. But they are affectionate enough to make you feel loved as their owner.

#10. LaPerm

Source: sushirro's

A cute kitten with blue eyes – that’s the proper way one can describe a LaPerm cat. It’s blue; ocean deep eyes won’t only lure you into looking at it. But it’s huge size will draw you close. It’s one of the cat breeds that has a loose and bouncy curl for its coat. Whenever you touch it, LaPerm cat breeds have a light, and airy feel to them. They are affectionate with the family, which means that they are good to be with around children and the elderly. They aren’t that active, which makes them the perfect companions. Shedding and grooming aren’t a problem for LaPerm cats. They are very talkative and could voice out their opinions all day long. LaPerm cats are also friendly towards strangers and other members of the household. But these cats aren’t just friendly towards humans, but they are also extremely friendly towards other pets, as well.

#11. Persian Cat

Source: mistertuts

The Persian cat is probably one of the most popularly known cats. At the same time, they are one of those cat breeds that have long-hair and big eyes. Cats with big eyes aren’t usually long haired. But the Persian cat invokes all norms with this fact. They are characterized to have a round face and short muzzle. Persian cats are fluffy cats. Although you would need to take good care of its shedding and grooming, it’s just normal when it comes to having long-haired and fluffy cats. These cats have a low energy level. Hence, don’t expect that you will see them running around your home. These cats are also of the sensitive breed. This means that they are more affectionate than your usual feline. However, this would also be evident to their loyalty. They are not that keen on strangers, children, and other animals. Persian cats are almost exclusive to the point that they only become close to their owners.

2 of the Most Popular Cats With Big Eyes

Black cat with big eyes

Since we are already on the topic of cats with big eyes, then we might as well get to know two of the most popular cats that have the biggest eyes. Gimo, a Scottish fold cat, is a cat you won’t easily forget. Gimo looks like a plush toy with his large eyes. The only difference is that Gimo is real. His fluffy, thick, black coat adds to the illusion that this Scottish fold cat looks like a stuffed toy. It is undeniable that this one is an adorable black cat.
On the contrary, we have Hana. Another Scottish fold cat from Japan. If Gimo is a wide-eyed black cat, Hana is a white, wide-eyed cat. But Hana isn’t a full-pledged cat just yet. In fact, she is a cute kitten who only happens to have a lot of fans on Instagram. Who thought that this kitten could have more Instagram followers than you? We don’t blame Hana, though! We understand how come she has so many followers. Almost every one of her followers is attracted to how she looks.

Cats with big eyes are probably one of the cutest there is in the bunch. If you are looking forward to getting one as a pet, you will not regret doing so. Your home will be filled with cuteness almost every waking day of your life.

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