200 Best Cat Names For Gray Cats and Their Meanings

The color gray might not be as striking as a color, but gray cats have some of the most colorful characters! These cats come in varying gray colors – slate, charcoal, pewter, and silver. If you’re lucky to take home one of these adorable creatures, you’ll need a lovely cat name for it. It’s mysterious gray color is an excellent inspiration to start.

Take a look at your new furbaby’s silvery shade. Does it make her look chic and sleek? Or does her color make you think of a haze or storm coming in? There are hundreds of items around you that might perfectly fit the description of your new feline friend.

Some of the most popular choices come from nature; others are everyday items that pet parents never thought of until this gray furbaby comes in. There are also popular icons who proudly presented their gray felines to the world, and you might find some inspiration from such selections.

So, let’s start rolling with these lists of cat names for female, male, kittens, and a popular selection of titles for your gray cat!

Gray Female Cat Names

Have you brought home a lovely gray female cat? It is always fun to involve the whole family in thinking of a name for your sleek and chic new member. You might hold up on a cute name list as a kitten, but it is best to pick out a name that will grow alongside your lady.

best names for gray cat breeds

Our selection of gray female cat names includes popular items, strong titles, some girly choices, and others which might strike your fancy. Scroll down for a cool, fresh, and purr-fect choice of moniker for your sweet new cat.

  • Angie – is a diminutive of Angela. It means messenger of God.
  • Ariel – from Disney’s Little Mermaid
  • Athena – the Greek goddess of War and Wisdom
  • Bea – a suitable name for a kitty who loves exploring
  • Bianca – an Italian moniker for white
  • Brio – means vivacity, a lovely cat name for a pet that’s full of life
  • Cali – means beautiful
  • Charlotte – means petite, a nice name for a cute little kitty
  • Chilly – pertains to the low temperature, cold weather
  • Cleo – a short term from Cleopatra
  • Coral – another word that means reef
  • Demi – a word that means small
  • Dove – a gentle name for a peaceful cat
  • Ilma – a Finnish term for air
  • Iris – a Greek name which means “Rainbow”
  • Izzy – an excellent name for a playful cat
  • Lali – means well-spoken, ideal cat name for a chatty pet
  • Lois – pertains to a female warrior
  • Margo – a lovely name which means pearl
  • Mint – the perfect name for a green-eyed gray cat
  • Mistral – pertains to the cold and strong wind over the Mediterranean
  • Moose – this the perfect name for a restless cat
  • Moxie – a name which means “courageous”
  • Nadia – ideal moniker for a hopeful kitty
  • Pandora – a Greek mythology character, one who brings dark things
  • Prism – a dark triangular glass
  • Rella – a royal name for a gray cat
  • Roxie – a boho name for a wild gray kitty
  • Sasha – perfect moniker for a feisty cat
  • Talia – a term for rains from heaven
  • Tate – a lovely moniker for a cheerful cat
  • Thora – the female version of Thor, the God of Thunder
  • Tiki – the goddess of Fertility
  • Vixen – a bold name for a spirited kitty
  • Twinkle – refers to the light of the stars

These are lovely names for your girly gray cat. But if you haven’t found the one yet, read on for more female cat names inspired by nature, gray items that showcase the cool and calmness of life.

  1. Marina
  2. Daria
  3. Mishka
  4. Sonia
  5. Tatiana
  6. Anya
  7. Siva
  8. Tiara
  9. Zoe
  10. Tempest
  11. Umbra
  12. Kalara
  13. Saxon
  14. Shay
  15. Lez
  16. KeeganDiana
  17. Silver
  18. Tinsel
  19. Opal
  20. Pepper
  21. Topaz
  22. Patches
  23. Luna
  24. Oyster
  25. Smudge
  26. Foggy
  27. Bluebell
  28. Mouse
  29. Periwinkle
  30. Pebbles

Gray Male Cat Names

Are gray cats as sweet and adorable as their female counterparts? Apart from being a lot of fun, male kitties can also be bold and daring creatures. They love the hunt and will bring some fun mischief to color your world. So how do you choose the perfect name for your loyal and little friend?

Whether you are challenged to pick out a male kitty title for a gray cat, find inspiration from heroes, nature, and modern words. Here a list that points to their unique personality and color. Browse around for the perfect cat name for your big boy.

  • Ajax – a term for “white knight”
  • Carbon – the dark element
  • Donovan – means “dark”
  • Dustin – a term for a fighter, ideal for a brave male cat
  • Flash – the superfast DC character
  • Egon – another word for fiery
  • Slate – a type of stone with gray color
  • Gainsboro – a variant of the gray color
  • Haze – smokey atmosphere, perfect for your male cat
  • Jake – a shortened version of the name Jacob
  • Juno – a classy name for your male kitty
  • Kane – refers to a warrior
  • Lloyd – a Welsh word that means gray
  • Loki -a fun name for a cat that breaks a lot of things
  • Magnum – refers to the chrome-plated gun
  • Ninja – a sneaky name for your cat
  • Oslo – the capital city of Norway
  • Pinball – for a lively runt of the litter
  • Rai- a Japanese word that means storm
  • Rowan – a boho cat name for your male pet
  • Rudy – a short nickname from Rudolph
  • Sazi – from the Anazasi Indian tribe
  • Scar – a bold name for a fierce feline
  • Seattle – the US City with a gloomy weather
  • Suede – a nice velvety type of fabric
  • Nickels – a cute name derived from silver coins
  • Vlad – cold Russian name
  • Victor – for a brave and winning kitty
  • Vulcan – a type of dark gray hue
  • Yin – a Chinese term for silver
  • Dusty – an ideal name for a gray cat
  • Ash – a name that will remind of gray ashes
  • Quill – an Irish term for cub
  • Spence – a nice name for a gray cat
  • Shay – refers to a hawk, perfect for kitties who love hunting around

Other male cat names that you may find the ideal for your gray feline include the following.

  1. Boris
  2. Yuri
  3. Ivan
  4. Earl
  5. Sky
  6. Grayskull
  7. Artemis
  8. Inky
  9. Zorro
  10. Mouse
  11. Shade
  12. Gravy
  13. Steel
  14. Thunder
  15. Sharky
  16. Soot
  17. Spoon
  18. Al
  19. Berloise
  20. Payne
  21. Wolf
  22. London
  23. Chrome
  24. Pinot
  25. Disco
  26. Wes
  27. Tex
  28. Stoke
  29. Orion
  30. Gris
  31. Brett
  32. Cenizo
  33. Finley
  34. Coal
  35. Tobi

Cute Gray Cat Names

cute names for gray cats

Everyone would agree that cats are cute – even if they are gray! This thought is shared by celebrities, filmmakers, and those in the entertainment industry. Many of them proudly showcase their adorable gray cats and share with us their unique name choices.

Thus, let’s look into the big screen or the music industry for potential cat names for your gray cat. We have famous rappers and even Katy Perry as a gray cat fur parent. If they can think of a beautiful moniker for their babies, we’re sure you’ll also find the perfect one for your little furbaby.

  • James Bond – from the secret agent movie
  • Sylvester – the Looney Tunes cat character
  • Blade – the Vampire movie trilogy
  • Eeyore – the gray pony friend of Winnie the Pooh
  • Darth – a cute name if you love Star Wars
  • Ollie – Ricky Gervais’ gray cat
  • Graham – singer Ed Sheeran name his cat with this biscuit
  • Tabby – name of the tabby cat owned by Abraham Lincoln
  • Kitty Purry – the gray cat owned by Katy Perry
  • Cairo – the name of rapper Macklemore’s tabby cat
  • Purrfect – CeeLo Green’s Persian cat
  • Miles Davis – the cat name of Snoop Dog’s Siamese Cat
  • Choppa – name of rapper Kreayshawn’s kitty
  • Nick – name of Eva Longoria’s grey studio cat
  • Greyjoy – from the Game of Thrones’ TV Show

Gray Kitten Names

If you think, gray cats are adorable, what more if they are gray kittens! These delightful balls of fluff can easily take your breath away. As you scour for names that suit them best, your best inspiration is their gorgeous gray coat and expressive eyes.

Though you have no idea about their traits and personalities yet, it doesn’t mean that you can find a perfect name for them. We have prepared a list of fantastic monikers for gray kittens that will sound lovely as they grow up. Choose from these carefully curated neutral titles for your bundle of fuzz!

  • Dusky
  • Cloud
  • Nimbus
  • Everest
  • Frosty
  • Olaf
  • Smoky
  • Frostbite
  • Grayboy
  • Granite
  • Midnight
  • Hazy
  • Shadow
  • Olympus
  • Eclipse
  • Grayson
  • Moonbeam
  • Nebula
  • Onyx
  • Winter
  • Twister
  • Flipper
  • Lady Grey
  • Gunner
  • Spike
  • Saber
  • Bullet
  • Phantom
  • Plata
  • Ghost

Popular Gray Cat Names

Cats come in various coat colors, and gray ones are well-loved household fur babies around the world. Here are the most popular gray cat names given to these furry little beasts based on our searches.

  • Lilac
  • Ashley
  • Heather
  • Stormie
  • Stella
  • Blue
  • Aria
  • Cosmo
  • Zelda
  • Piper

Gray Tabby Cat Names

Gray tabby cats probably are one of the best-dressed kitties around. It is one of the most recognizable patterns in the world of felines. They have this unique “M” in their foreheads, which adds to their “cuteness” factor. Here’s a list of gray cat names based on patterns you might love to have for your kitty.

  • Amber
  • Koala
  • Blackberry
  • Spot
  • Stripey
  • Checkers
  • Hazel
  • Grady
  • Kelabu
  • Casper
  • Chai
  • Bear
  • Willow
  • Katniss
  • Rusty
  • Speckles
  • Tawny
  • Starshine
  • Silverpaw
  • Raccoon


There is nothing wrong with choosing a traditional cat name, but most pet parents want to explore various options for their gray kitties. If you can’t decide on one, choose your favorites. You can pick one from each of the gender-based, famous, cute, or kitten names. Brainstorm with your family or friends to come up with the unique one for your new kitty.

And remember that, though the best cat name is important, providing all the love and devotion they need is essential. Have you found the perfect gray cat name from our wide selection? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment in the box below.

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