200 Best Japanese Cat Names And Their Meanings

Japan is a beautiful country known for its unique culture and colorful history. One of the things that this country offered the world is its sincerest adoration of felines. They opened ‘cat cafes,’ included kitties in their animated shows and manga comics, and even created the “lucky cat” ornament.

It is a cat lover’s paradise. And if you look into potential cat names from the Japanese people, you’ll have thousands of inspiration to discover. Thus, whether you have some Japanese ancestry or you love anime, we are sure that our list of Japanese cat names will give you the perfect title for your furry friend!

Japanese Female Cat Names

Female felines have a playful and affectionate personality. They can range from elegant sophistication to boisterous playfulness. If you look at Japanese female cat names, you will find something that suits all types of kitty personalities.

  • Aia – means “a ruler”
  • Arisu – means “noble”
  • Emi – means “beautiful blessing”
  • Fumiko – a charming child
  • Asuka – means fragrance or perfume
  • Chika – means scattered flower
  • Hisako – a child this blessed for a long life
  • Izumi – means fountain or spring
  • Kimi – a cat name for a noble creature
  • Kyoko – a respectful creature
  • Mai – pertains to a graceful movement or dance
  • Mao – a beautiful blossom, particularly cherry blossoms
  • Minori – means “truthful creature”
  • Morikio – means “child of the forest” for an outdoorsy cat
  • Miyu – gentle and beautiful
  • Keiko – a splendid creature
  • Hoshi – a Japanese word that means star
  • Airi – a name that means love for the jasmine flower
  • Mana – means “love”
  • Noriko – a term which means obedient
  • Miki – a lovely princess
  • Yasu – means snow, ideal cat names for white kitties
  • Suzume – means sparrow, excellent cat name for sleek felines
  • Kae – means “blessing”
  • Maemi – Japanese for a sincere smile
  • Honaka – a Japanese flower
  • Umeko – means a beautiful child
  • Shina – a virtuous creature
  • Miyaba – means elegance
  • Katana – pertains to a sword
  • Hina – sun vegetables
  • Ayano – my favorite color
  • Chiyo – a thousand generations
  • Miho – a protected, guaranteed beauty
  • Shika – a graceful deer

These lovely female cat names don’t just have an excellent sound to it when called to your furry friend. It also comes with deep meanings to make us smile every time you say it. Here are other Japanese female cat names you can consider for your feline pet.

names for female and male cats

  1. Kimiko
  2. Miki
  3. Rin
  4. Yua
  5. Yomiko
  6. Tomomi
  7. Noa
  8. Akemi
  9. Yuki
  10. Momoka
  11. Chie
  12. Tamiko
  13. Toshie
  14. Yoshie
  15. Kaida
  16. Yuki
  17. Hikari
  18. Sayuri
  19. Suki
  20. Yasuko
  21. Cho
  22. Akira
  23. Aiko
  24. Katsumi
  25. Kameko

Most of these cat names come from traditionally feminine meanings, but Japanese words cover a broader range of qualities. Some terms mean female warriors or dragons. Thus there is no shortage of ideas whether your kitty is all dainty – delicate or the rough and tumble types.

Japanese Male Cat Names

In Japanese, you can also find utterly masculine cat names for your new cat or kitten. Some have that bold and masculine sound, but some are also gentler like Ren and Hoshi. Here are some of the best monikers that this endearing language has to offer.

  • Hikaru – means “radiance”
  • Hiroshi – represents “generous man”
  • Kaito – Japanese for supportive
  • Katashi – means firm man
  • Katsuro – means victorious son
  • Kenta – can mean healthy and robust or thick and huge
  • Kiyoshi – means clean or pure
  • Michio – pertains to a path of a man
  • Minoru – means the “truth”
  • Mitsuo – relates to a hero or a shining man
  • Takeo – means warrior, a common boy’s or cat name in Japan
  • Akihiro – means luminous heor
  • Yasushi – means “peace”
  • Tomi – Japanese word for “rich”
  • Haruto – it means to soar or fly
  • Osamu – means study or discipline
  • Tadashi – means lucky and loyal
  • Ryo – Japanese word for cool
  • Satoshi – means fast-learner
  • Tsuyoshi – means powerful man
  • Yamato – Japanese word for harmony
  • Youta – an ideal name for a male cat name; it implies light
  • Hiko – means “prince”
  • Haruka – a Japanese term for distant
  • Kenshin – means “humble and trustworthy”
  • Taiki – means “great radiance or shiny”
  • Noburo – Japanese word which means to rise or ascend
  • Rokuro – it means “the sixth son”
  • Sho – Japanese term which means “to fly”
  • Katashi – it means “firm”

Japanese male names for cats are very masculine sounding. It has a strong ring to it, and other people will know instantly that you have a male cat. There are many Japanese words that you can use to name your male kitty. Here are more choices for you to explore.

  1. Kazuo
  2. Shin
  3. Shinobu
  4. Takashi
  5. Shou
  6. Kenta
  7. Kunio
  8. Minoru
  9. Ninja
  10. Nobu
  11. Norio
  12. Riku
  13. Ren
  14. Raiden
  15. Yoshio
  16. Yuri
  17. Judo
  18. Takahiro
  19. Haruka
  20. Hotaka
  21. Dai
  22. Arata
  23. Yuudai
  24. Jiro
  25. Daisuke

With the long list of cat names we have for your male kitty, you can indeed find something perfect for your new pet. Reading through the meanings will help you discover the most suitable for your cat’s personality.

Popular Cat Names in Japan

Like other countries, Japan also has some trendy, stereotypical, and traditional names given to cats. Here are some of the most widely used feline monikers that might interest you too.

  • Akemi – means beautiful
  • Chibi – can be used to describe a small or tiny animal
  • Junko – means obedience
  • Sakura – the Cherry Blossom. Also means good and virtuous
  • Tomoko – a female name which means intellect
  • Takara – means jewel or treasure
  • Miki – means beautiful princess
  • Toshi – means wise man
  • Kiyomi – means pure beauty
  • Takako – means “noble child”

Cute Kawaii Cat Names

japanese cat names list

The Kawaii culture in Japan is best known for its adorable cuteness. Therefore, it makes sense for many Japanese to come up with “kawaii” names for their pet felines. Here are some words and terms that you can use to name your kitties!

  • Akachan
  • Ai
  • Chika
  • Akina
  • Chotto
  • Etsu
  • Hare
  • Hanako
  • Hashi
  • Ichigo
  • Himari
  • Kanmi
  • Kamu
  • Kei
  • Kegawa
  • Koneko
  • Kin
  • Maru
  • Mochi
  • Oishi
  • Rini
  • Pinku
  • Rozu
  • Saki
  • Rini
  • Shai
  • Satu
  • Suki
  • Yamu
  • Yosei

Cool Anime Cat Names

Apart from a culture that adores cats, and kawaii cuteness, Japan is also world-famous for their anime creations. If you are a fan of these unique shows, you might be interested use cat anime names from popular characters of the top-rated animes. Here are some ideas for cat anime names:

  • Goku – the main character from Dragon Ball Z
  • Gohan – from Dragon Ball Z
  • Vegeta – from Dragon Ball Z
  • Korin – 800-year-old martial art expert form Dragon Ball Z
  • Happy – from Fairy Tail
  • Jibanyan – a ghost of a cat from Youkai Watch
  • Jiji – cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • Kirara – from InuYasha
  • Kuro – from Rin Okumura
  • Kamineko – the dangerous cat from Azumanga Daioh
  • Artemis – cat in Sailor Moon
  • Luna – cat in Sailor Moon
  • Kuroneko-sama – the Black feline from Trigun
  • Mao – from Darker than Black
  • Madara 0 from Natsume’s Book of Friends
  • Nekotalia – from Hetalia World Series
  • Nekobasu – the multi-legged cat bus from Tonari no Totoro
  • Buyo – fat kitty from Inuyasha
  • Pikachu – the main character from Pokemon
  • Meowth – a cat pokemon

Other anime-inspired cat names that you can give your kitties include the following:

  1. Neko-sensei
  2. Sakamoto
  3. Zeniba
  4. Aniyaku
  5. Yubaba
  6. Kashira
  7. Tombo
  8. Kokiri
  9. Okino
  10. Jigo
  11. Okkoto
  12. Gonza
  13. Roba
  14. Kanta
  15. Ashitaka
  16. Eboshi
  17. Yuna
  18. Shikigami
  19. Aniyaku
  20. Chihiro Ogino

These cat names may be less unusual than those mentioned in the articles, but they are easily recognizable. Calling out your pets with cat names from your favorite anime series can undoubtedly brighten up your day.

Maneki-neko - Japanese lucky charm cat

Why Are Cats Considered Good Luck In Japan?

The Maneki-Neko cat figurine is a well-known ornament of a cat that continuously beckons with her paw. These are often found at the entrance of restaurants, shops, and other business establishments. It is believed that this figurine brings positive blessings and good luck to its owners.

According to legends, there was a man who saw a cat beckoning with his paw at him. He was intrigued; thus, he came closer to it. Soon as he left his post, lightning hit the place where he was previously standing. He believed and told everyone what the cat did for his life and considered it a tremendous fortune. Thus, the beckoning cat became a symbol of good luck for the Japanese.

At present, the Maneki-Neko is also made into piggy banks and key chains so that people can bring luck anywhere with them. There is no doubt that felines play a vital role in Japanese culture and everyday life. It is apparent in their works of art, anime series, and kawaii items. There are shrines around the country that are dedicated to cats!

The Konoshimanjinji is a shrine built and dedicated to cats. It is found in Kyoto and features a cat statue with a raised paw to greet visitors coming to see the place. There is also an island in Japan that is inhabited by cats! It’s no wonder there is no shortage of exquisite Japanese cat names!


Finding cat names in other languages can be a fun and exciting experience. It offers pet parents a world of unique, cute, and cool monikers for their new family members. Japanese cat names are a favorite among kitty parents because they have excellent terms and words to suit their pets’ personalities. Whether you want tough-sounding, elegant, sweet, or cute names, you can always find something Japanese for your new pet!

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