11 Popular Largest Domestic Cat Breeds

Have you ever dreamed about having a tiger or a puma as a pet? Seeing Rajah, Jasmine’s pet Tiger from Aladdin, makes many feline parents envious. How does it feel like having such a big, affectionate, and adorably huge cat breed at home?

If you are considering a big domestic cat, it should do a little homework about them first and get as much information as you can. Are these cats any different from the usual feline breeds that we have at home, or are there any special caring needs for them? Each breed has a unique physical attribute, personality traits, and quirks. Some cats may like cuddles, while others are far too aloof for a petting. Thus, it is best to consider your lifestyle and see how these large cat breeds will fit in.

To help you find the best cat breeds to take home, we’ve listed some of the world’s largest domestic cat breeds. Read on to know more about their origins, care needs, and sizes.

#1. Maine Coon

big main coon
Instagram Source: @mainecoon_empire

Standing large and in-charge, the Maine Coon mature males have a weight of around 13 to 18 pounds on average, while adult female weight is about 9 to13 pounds. These kitties are one of the oldest and largest domestic cats breeds in North America. They were first discovered in Maine; thus, it is the official state feline. 

Maine coons are well-known for being friendly, intelligent, good-natured, and goofiness. Maine Coons are your ideal choice for a house cat if you want a cool cat and one that likes to hang out. On the other hand, these breed of cats are not very fond of being cuddled, but they can play fetch if they are up to it.
They are large with long paws, long tail, and long, smooth fur. Common Maine Coons cat breeds colors are brown, red, black, or white. There are also tabby and tortoiseshell patterned coats.

A Maine Coon has a very high tendency to shed. Fortunately, they love being showered with attention, so combing their glossy hair regularly is an easy task to accomplish. Likewise, give them proper exercise and a healthy diet. Maine coon cats are prone to becoming overweight if their cat health and nutritional needs are not adequately met.

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#2. Persian Cats

white persian cat
Instagram Source: @persiancat.s

Persian cat breed hail from the ancient country of Mesopotamia. It is now known as Iran. In the 1600s, an Italian nobleman, who is probably the first documented cat-person, brought the Persian cat to Europe. The house cat later became a favorite of Queen Victoria.

Male Persian kitties typically weigh from 9 to 14 pounds, and the females are around 7 to 11 pounds in weight. This medium to large size domestic cats are noted for their independence and selectiveness towards humans with whom they interact. Persian cat breeds are quiet felines, and they thrive in relaxed environments.

And because of their long fur, these cats shed a lot. Pet owners should be committed to grooming them properly to prevent scattered fur around the home. These cats also need monthly baths so that their skin will remain clean and healthy. Additionally, always check their cute smooshy faces for any buildup of moisture and dirt. They are predisposed to health issues like eye problems and respiratory difficulties due to their unique facial appearance.

#3. Burmese Cat

burmese cat kitten
Instagram Source: @finn_the_burmese

A cat from Burma named Wong Mau made it to the US in 1930 with a certain Dr. Joseph Thompsons. Wong Mau has a deep brown color, and many cat fanciers thought that he is just a dark-colored Siamese cat breed. Dr. Thompson started to breed Wong Mau with a Siamese cat, and the resulting litter was the beginning of the Burmese cat breeds. 

A Burmese cat breed is compact and medium-sized, but they are surprisingly more massive than they appear. A typical adult weighs around 8 to 12 pounds. These domestic cats are stocky, with a firm and heavy boning. They have low grooming needs because their short coats have a low tendency to shed.

Personality-wise, Burmese loves attention and showers of affection making them ideal house cats. Though they are excellent jumpers and are always curious, they would never pass a chance for their daily dose of petting. If you’re getting some company for your Burmese, make sure it is also a Burmese cat. These cats may not play well with some other cat breeds.

#4. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau in the window
Instagram Source: @moggie_mau

Egyptians adored and worshipped their cats. It is evident in their ancient artwork and legend. Even then, the Egyptian Mau is depicted with stunning green eyes, mascara-like markings, and graceful elegance. These cats are known as a loyal breed with shy and keen senses. They have that “naturally worried” expression, which is perhaps connected with their noise aversion. You will often see these house cats perched on a high spot like a fridge or a cabinet, looking over their domain. They seem to have a thing about the world they move around in.

These medium-sized domestic cats generally weigh between 8 to 12 pounds. They are big cats and are considered as rare domestic breeds. They have naturally-spotted short coats that are easy to maintain. More so, Egyptian Maus are meticulously clean; thus, keeping their litter box clean is necessary.

#5. Norwegian Forest Cat

largest domestic cat breed Norwegian Forest Cat
Instagram Source: @akichon

A medium-long haired, wild, and muscular barn cat. These are the things that best describe a Norwegian Forest Cat. A native of Norway, they are known for doing things on their terms – when they are good and ready. Though they seemed like a wild, outdoorsy feline, they are content to remain indoors. A Norwegian forest cat is one of the best big cat to have in the United States.
Norwegian forest cat is among the largest breed of cat, with males weighing around 10 to 16 pounds and females at around 8 to 12 pounds in weight. They need regular brushing, especially during their shedding phase. Norwegian forest cats have a waterproof coat; thus, bathing is rarely needed and not recommended.

Keeping them healthy and happy is done quickly with a cat tree and a scratching post. Make sure that there is an outdoor view as it will keep these cats stimulated. Their sensitive, friendly, and social nature make them the right choice for families who wish to have a cat.

#6. American Bobtail

cute black american bobtail
Instagram Source: @blackcatsgroup

Next on our list of the biggest cat for the home is a large and goofy cat breed. The American Bobtail is confident and friendly felines. They stand out from all other breeds because they love clowning around. These cats are winning family pets because of their friendly and affectionate nature. And though they love you, they don’t attach to a single person and will not require your undivided attention.

Typically, American bobtails are medium to large. When it comes to weight, males are around 15 to 16 pounds, and females are about 7 to 11 pounds.

These cats come in various colors and patterns. Their distinctive physical attribute is their stubbed, bobbed tail and shaggy coat. They require an occasional bath and light brushing to keep their coat in good shape.

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#7. Ragdoll Cats

ragdoll kitten
Instagram Source: @blueiriscat

One of the largest cat breeds is the Ragdoll. Standing at 9 to 11 inches high from toe to shoulder, male Ragdoll cats weigh around 15 to 20 pounds, while females are 10 to 20 pounds. Despite their size, these cats are the best cuddlers to have around! They were first developed in California in the 1960s and became known for their tendency to collapse like a ragdoll when cuddled by willing snugglers.

Ragdolls have large heads with rounded muzzles, a muscular body, long-tails, and blue, large, wide-set eyes. They have long, silky coats that come in various colors and patterns. You have to give them regular grooming using a steel comb to remove tangles and dead hair. During shedding seasons, check out under their arms for tangles too.

Ragdoll cat breeds are ideal family pets because they are happy, quiet, and relaxed felines. They are highly tolerant of other animals and kids who want to snuggle and carry them around. Similar to dogs, Ragdolls are also smart and friendly. They can even learn to play fetch if you teach them patiently.

#8. Siberian Cats

big Siberian cat
Instagram Source: @netta.siberian

Hailing from Siberia, these cat breeds have survived harsh and unforgiving climates. They are first documented in 1000 AD, and modern Siberian cats remain powerful, entertaining, and intelligent. These cats were domesticated and taken away from the elements, where people soon discovered their true nature. Families find these cats to be great house pets. They are extra affectionate, playful, and brilliant felines.

Siberian Cats stand from 9 to 11 inches tall. Adult males typically weigh around 10 to 20 pounds, with females being slightly smaller than males. They have a thick and fluffy overcoat and a tight undercoat. These cats come in various color combinations, but they are mostly white mixed with other colors. Their thick coat protects them from extreme weather conditions, but it will require regular brushing.

#9. Ragamuffin

tri colored Ragamuffin
Instagram Source: @fuuchan611

If there are popular lap dogs, there are also well-known “lap cats.” The Ragamuffin breed is one of these breeds that tend to collapse or go limp when cuddled by their pet parents. They are large, with a loveable, and mellow personalities. Much like gentle giants, these cats are known for their docile and trusting nature. Compared to its cousin Ragdoll, Ragamuffins have a friendly nature and expressive eyes that are rounded and large.

These cats are considered to be on the large-size standing at 9 to 12 inches tall. Adult males tip the scales at 12 to 20 pounds, while females are at 8 to 15 pounds.

Ragamuffin kitties have a thick and luscious coat that does not easily get moggy. They need some brushing, but these cats are blessed with soft, no-fuss coats that don’t clump or mat. And due to their trusting nature, these cats should be kept indoors to avoid going away with strangers.

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#10. Chausie

big chausie cat
Instagram Source: @ksena_art

Large and long-bodied, Chausie cat breeds are high-energy felines that are also affectionate and playful. The name Chausie comes from the Latin phrase “felis chaus” which translates to Jungle Cat. They have an exotic appearance and a history that dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Amazingly, these cats have a regal demeanor, natural hunting skills, and a large-and-in-charge appearance. Thus, even if they are domesticated, they are not for everyone.

Standing tall and long, Chausie has a height of 14 to 18 inches and a weight of around 15 to 20 pounds. These domestic cats have an elongated snout, long legs, and tall, slender body. It has a short coat that needs minimal grooming.

Chausies tend to develop a strong bond with their humans. They are highly-active, athletic, assertive. You have to provide them with lots of mental and physical stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. If you can’t commit to these needs, these cats are not a suitable pet for you.

#11. Savannah Cat

largest domestic savannah cat
Instagram Source: @myvetandme

Big-cat lovers would never pass up a chance to own these unique large cat breeds. The Savannah Cat is a cross between a medium-sized African wild cat called the Serval and a domestic cat. A Savannah cat has large ears, a rugged, leopard-like appearance, and longer than average legs. First generations of the Savannah cats are among the world’s most expensive hybrid cats in the world.

A Savannah cat stands tall at 10 to 17 inches and has a weight of 15 to 25 pounds. A Savannah cat breed may take about three years to fully mature and reach their adult size. They have a short coat that is easy to maintain and does not shed.

Unlike most cats, Savannahs love the water. You can easily bathe them when they become messy after playing rough. Its personality and traits include being adventurous, playful, and loyal. You can even train them to walk on a leash and fetch like any dog breeds. Though they have a mild personality, Savannahs are not always recommended for a home with small pets like fish or birds.

The Winner for the Largest Domestic Cat Breed in the World

Barivel: the largest maine coon

And speaking on the largest cat breeds, did you know that a Maine Coon hailing from Italy is proclaimed as the Biggest Cat in the World?

Meet Barivel; he is a Maine coon that measures 120 centimeters or three feet and 11.2 inches. He was verified as the world’s largest domestic cat breed by no other Guinness World Records on May 22, 2018, in Vigevano, Pavia, Italy.

Barivel is a Maine Coon, which is one of the biggest breeds in the world. Despite his size, he is a very shy and quiet feline. His owners, Cinzia Tinnirello and Edgar Scandurra, always knew he was special. They consider him a big precious gift. In their dialect, Barivel means jolly or clown.

This giant cat has his own Instagram profile, and people are often shocked at his size. Longer than a baseball bat, he can easily reach the kitchen counter by standing on his hind legs. His favorite foods include chicken and tuna. You may want to follow his Instagram profile for more updates about his celebrity life.

Wrap Up

As you can see, getting a domestic cat breeds that are bigger than the usual comes with larger than life responsibilities too. There are many large breeds of cats that you may want to take home, but please consider your lifestyle and the commitment of having a pet will ask from you. Breeds like the Maine Coon, Ragamuffin, and the American Bobtail are ideal choices for families with children. A British shorthair cat breed is also another option if you want a mild-tempered, goofy, and large-sized kitty. If you live an active lifestyle and want a feline pet to join your adventures, Savannah cats or Chausie will suit you best.

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